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Starter's Beard Grooming kit

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Beard Kit
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Have you always dreamed about neat and well-looking beard? But yet, you haven't been able to take care of it, it was too hard or took too much effort and you decided that shaving is more simple...
But what if we would say that grooming beard is actually easy if you have the right tools and products? And nicely shaped beard emphasizes your jaw which is scientifically proven to be one of the things WOMEN are attracted the most? Do your own research, no BS...
Think about the attention you'd get from other people when they'd see you with a nice looking beard? You would stand out of the crowd immediately. Men with beards are perceived as more manly and confident. As stupid as it sounds, but if growing beard increases our confidence and manhood, the quality of our life is lifted, just by one tiny decision, ain't that funny?
We have a great deal for you! This starter kit is perfect for beardmen who already fell in love with growing their beards as well as for starters! Why? Because it contains all the best base products you need to shape your beard! Easy to use and highly effective. Oil and wax have an amazing smell, your partner won't leave you alone :P :) 
LISTEN!  Only today we are giving it away at a cost price... nevertheless, buying these all items separately would cost you more than $70 anywhere. 
I Know, you have to be STUPID not to buy it...


    • 100% natural and organic, you'll enjoy a better beard growth without any unwanted scents or additives.
    • The brush is made of soft boar's bristles which have a great feel as it glides through your beard.
    • The comb is made of sandalwood and designed as thick and thin teeth, giving your face a better feel.

    Package includes:

    • Beard oil 30ml
    • Beard cream 30g
    • Beard brush
    • Beard comb
    • Storage bag

    So what are you waiting for? Grab it.

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